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Study Abroad
Bard College offers a number of study abroad opportunities for students. While some programs have a strong focus on basic language acquisition coupled with an intensive program abroad, other programs allow exploration in advanced liberal arts courses through affiliated or independent institutions.

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Italian Study Abroad

Every spring, the Italian Program offers a beginner-level intensive language course: students can subsequently spend June at the Babilonia Italian Language School in Taormina, Sicily. At Babilonia, students can take classes of Italian language and culture while taking advantage of the astonishing beauty of the Sicilian landscape, tasting the finest Italian food, sunbathing on the wonderful seaside, and enjoying live music and theater in the breathtaking ancient Greek Theater of Taormina.

Bard College also offers students the opportunity to spend either a semester or year in Milan at the Università Statale di Milano. Students will have the chance to improve their language skills as well as be able take courses in Italian in their field of specialization in one of the most thriving and prestigious academic environments of Europe.

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Pre-Trip Requirements: In order to study abroad for a semester or more, and receive full credit, students must apply for an Academic Leave of Absence, which must be approved by the student’s academic adviser, the dean of international studies, and the Executive Committee.


Italian Language Intensive

Taormina, Sicily—Babilonia Italian Language School

Every year in June, Italian Studies offers an intensive program for students at the Babilonia Italian Language School in Taormina, Sicily.  The program is designed as a continuation of the language sequence that begins at Bard in the spring semester.

At the Babilonia Italian Language School, students will be studying in a lively environment that combines challenging academics with a wealth of extracurricular activities in and around Sicily. A major focus at Babilonia will be an intensive Italian language class, which will meet every day for three hours (Monday through Friday), providing robust and energetic language training. Students will also be exposed to the study of Italian art, cinema, and literature. All courses are taught in Italian, by experienced Italian academics based in Taormina

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Next Program: Summer 2018: May 28 - June 24 (4 credits)


Academic Term Study

Milan—Università Statale di Milano

Beginning in their Junior year, Bard students will have the opportunity to spend either a semester or year abroad at the Università Statale di Milano. This is a unique opportunity not only to sharpen language skills to an advanced level, but also to take part in the intellectual life of a thriving European institution that attracts students from all over the world. Students will take regular classes taught in Italian at the university along with other students; these classes will count as credits at Bard. The Università Statale di Milano offers a wide variety of classes in diverse fields, from sociology to poetry, art history to cinema.
In order to be considered for this program, students must have completed two full years of college-level Italian (or equivalent). Interested students should contact the program director by October 1 (for the Spring semester exchange) or by March 1 (for the Fall semester exchange).
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